Saturday, August 13, 2016


Perseverance is just muleheadedness that succeeded.  Farsightedness is just craziness that was right.

The danger of caring only about yourself is that it so often leads to not caring
about anyone.

Doing a stupid thing doesn't make you stupid.  Doing it again and again, thinking it
makes you stubborn, makes you stupid. 

One of the places to look for truth is in things we don't believe but think it important that our kids do.

One of life's simpler rules:  Never put yourself in the position of being harmed by someone telling the truth.

Ever ask yourself what you would do if you had tomorrow to live over again?

~~ Robert Brault 


  1. Dearest Robert, I haven't been around you may have already noticed! ;)
    Too much happenin' again. Most good, a little not sure if it's good or bad yet, actually. Please know that even if I don't comment...I am thinking of you so often, and I try to stop by and at least read a line or two of your stunning words. xoxo

  2. Becky, never fear. Your dues are paid. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you are a lifetime member. rb

  3. So good. So much of the time my stupid is just stupidity, not stubbornness as I might like to delude myself! Perfect!

  4. If you don't keep publishing, in book form, all of your genius thoughts...please at least share them with us here! My favorites are the first one, and the last two! :)