Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Loose Ends

"There's never just one loose end, so if you're feeling like a loose end, someone else is, too."

"I'd rather trust in the grace of God than luck, because, frankly, I'm not that certain Lady Luck even exists."

"It is easier to be good at something than to be good at faking it."

"You can lose the battle but win the war, assuming it's a war, and there was need for a battle."

"It is hard sometimes to let someone else live by the same deceptions you allow yourself."

"Material success is always tempered by the recollection that there was some sort of happiness that was supposed to come with it."

~~ Robert Brault


  1. Once more, really hard to choose a favorite - -I'm liking the last one, I think. We always think that when we have "stuff" that we will be so happy. While sometimes that is correct, pretty much not the case, at least for me. Stuff is fine - but happiness is something you have to make for yourself. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Jan. I've said it many different ways. For example, "I don't know if people with lots of material things are happier, but they sure put on better yard sales."