Sunday, June 26, 2016

Touching Base #2

Life is a process by which, one by one, the trophies on your mantel are replaced by pictures of the grandkids.

I've come to believe that you win at life by quietly accumulating the most consolation prizes.

It's  a tough mindset to change --  that you don't win unless someone else loses.  

Never be discouraged by the opinion of people who don't know what you're about to accomplish.

If only regret had action's purpose.  If only action had regret's information.

It takes no skill to belittle people -- to scoff at their harmless pretenses and strip them of their all-too-transparent masks.  It takes only a greater pretense and a more subtle mask.

~~ Robert Brault

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Touching Base

I have resumed work on my third book after an "extended" break of one day.  I've also discovered that a periodic post is probably required to keep this site on Google's priority search list.  Hence here is the first of what will be several strategically-placed posts over the course of the summer.

And while I'm here, a few new thoughts:

"When someone you know seems always defensive, what do you suppose you always seem like to them?"

"I suppose we could all live in our own private bubbles.  You could even place them side-by-side and call them neighborhoods"

"I don't defend my honor.  My honor is perfectly able to defend itself.  If I'm defending it, it's my pride."

"People who would never trespass on your property will trespass on your time, as if your time were not your property."

There are things you've done that come back to haunt you -- and things that haunt you that you're still doing."

"You can't talk sense to people who oppose it on principle."

~~ Robert Brault